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Play Animation Clip At Range

Play Animation Clip At Range

Plays an animation by specifying the animation clip asset, and only play within the percentaged range.


  • Target: The target Sequine Player which we want to play the action animation to. See Cross-Scene System.
  • Clip: The Animation Clip to play to the target.
  • Time Range (%): The time range percentage of the animation clip to play.
  • Use Random Variation: If true, the actual time range will be randomized between the Time Range and Smallest Range. Otherwise, Time Range will be solely used.
    • Smallest Range: Min time will be randomized between the original Min value and the smallest range's Min value. Max time will be randomized between the smallest range's Max value and the original Max value.
  • Restart: Restart the animation from beginning.
  • Configurations:
    • Layer: The layer index which this animation should be played to.
    • Speed: The speed of the animation.
    • Transition Duration: The duration of the blending between previous animation and the animation to be played.
    • Normalized Transition: If true, then the Transition Duration will be in percentage of the total duration, instead of directly in seconds.
    • Length to Play: How many times the animation should play until the command is marked as finished, and On Complete will be invoked.


  • On Complete: The main output that is only invoked when the animation is finished (reached the Length to Play). If you want to do something next immediately without waiting the animation to finish, use the default main output (the one on the upper right).
  • Total Duration: The total duration of the animation being played. It is expected to be the clip's total duration multiplied by the Length to Play.