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General Sequencing Tool and Visual Scripting for Unity

Play Animation On Demand

Play animations on demand without relying on Animator Controller. You can even utilize this without our sequencing system to implement your own animation system.

Command Execution Sequencing

Sequence your command/function executions using node-based editor. You can also create a branching flow and parallel flow.

Text Animation

Using TextMeshPro, Sequine also has a stackable text animation tool with some presets available. You can also code your own custom text animation behaviour.

Call it Anywhere

You can call the sequence from anywhere, be it from MonoBehaviour, ScriptableObject, or Timeline. It can even be called accross different scenes.


Sequine already comes with essential commands, but in case that's not enough for you, you can also add your own custom command.

Preserve Global Data

Sequine also has built-in global data management that stores predefined variables that can be modified during runtime, and can be saved or loaded.